How to Immigrate to Georgia

Are you interested in immigrating to Georgia? This is a process that involves several steps and individuals interested in relocation need to comply with all of the ongoing requirements for lawfully entering and staying in the country.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Georgia offers complete services to all those interests in obtaining a Georgian visa and getting settled in the country. Visa-free travel is possible for citizens of certain states, however, for all those interested in staying in the country long-term, obtaining a residence permit is essential.

We offer complete pre and post-arrival services that include but are not limited to, visa and residence permit in Georgia applications, citizenship applications as well as other related services including those for families that are interested in reunification.

Valeri Bendianishvili is our immigration lawyer in Georgia who has been a member of the Georgia Bar Association starting with 2006. His experience as a lawyer is an all-encompassing one, having worked in the field since 2004 and having served as an assistant investigator for the District Prosecutor’s Office of Mtatsminda-Krtsanisi in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Valeri Bendianishvili obtained his master’s degree in jurisprudence attended a number of specialization courses in Civil Law as well as in many other branches, such as Insurance Law and Practice. He is fluent in two foreign languages, English and Russian, and has experience in assisting foreign clients.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Georgia is ready to provide assistance in all matters related not only to the Immigration Law, but also for obtaining Georgian citizenship, after the minimum amount of lawfully residence has passed.

Georgia immigration services

Our team can help foreign nationals to immigrate to Georgia and apply for all of the types of Georgian visas. Understanding the categories and the application requirements is important before submitting the documents. This is how one can ensure that the process of immigrating to Georgia will run smoothly and that the file will be accepted rather than rejected for incompleteness.

The types of visas that can be applied in Georgia are the following:

  • Short-term visas: these can be single or multiple-entry ones and for the first type, maximum stay is for no more than 30 days;
  • Diplomatic visa: for foreign officials and executive as well as legislative authorities, for members of high-level delegations;
  • Special visa: for working visits, accompanying family members, for personnel of foreign diplomatic missions, for individuals who arrive in the country under a treaty or for military contingents;
  • Ordinary visa: for business meetings and negotiations, for offering humanitarian assistance or for people arriving in the country for treatment;
  • Immigration visa: for work purposes, for scientific, sports, cultural activities as well as for freelancers and investors or those interested in family reunification;
  • Transit visa: for a maximum period of ten days, only for those transiting the country for the purpose of entering another state.

Please keep in mind that this list of short and long-term visas is only a brief one. Each category has several sub-categories, for example, the D immigration visa has five distinct ones, according to the purpose of the stay.

Our team can help you apply for any of these types of visas and our assistance is not limited to the visa application process. We can also assist foreign nationals who are interested in obtaining Georgia permanent residence. Moreover, we can help individuals who want to immigrate to Georgia to handle a number of post-arrival issues such as renting or buying a property, signing utility agreements, opening a bank account, and many others.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Georgia is an experienced one and we can answer any questions you may have on the pre and post-arrival steps and the residence permit in Georgia in general.

Assistance for obtaining Georgia citizenship

An individual may acquire Georgian citizenship in several manners, however, only some of these are suitable for foreign nationals who have been living in the country lawfully under a residence permit in Georgia. We present these below:

  1. The ordinary procedure: for a foreign national who has been lawfully living in the country for ten years;
  2. The simplified procedure: for an individual married to a Georgian citizen who has been lawfully living in the country for five years prior to the application;
  3. Through exception: for foreign nationals who have made exceptional contributions to the country;
  4. Through restoration: for those whose citizenship was wrongfully terminated (based on the parent’s decision or due to renunciation of citizenship).

The first two methods are the ones that are more frequent among foreign nationals who intend to move to Georgia.

Apart from the general conditions to comply with the length of stay, an individual who applies for Georgian citizenship will also need to prove his or her language skills, knowledge of history and law as well as provide details on how he or she is able to sustain himself or herself.

Our team of immigration lawyers in Georgia can provide additional details in citizenship by naturalization and how the application is submitted with the Migration Commission.

Georgia facts and figures

Georgia is situated at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and western Asia. It is bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia. Our team presents some interesting immigration facts below:

  • the total number of people living in the country in 2019 was 3,723,500 (on January 1st);
  • there were 88,152 immigrants in 2018 and 83,239 in 2017;
  • most of the immigrants who arrived in 2018 were in the 15-64 age group (74,526).

The data on immigration and population was provided by the National Statistics Office.

Foreign nationals who are interested in moving to the country can reach out to our team of Georgia immigration lawyers who can provide more details on our services.

Our team can help you get settled in Georgia if you are interested in a long-term stay or in moving here and can also help you if you are temporarily in the country for employment or business reasons and require assistance with transiting or short-stay visas. Contact us for more information on Georgia immigration.