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Digital Nomad Visa in Georgia

Digital Nomad Visa in Georgia

The recently introduced digital nomad visa in Georgia is an attractive option for freelancers and entrepreneurs from other countries who wish to obtain residence.

Subject to a number of accessible conditions, this type of visa that offers residence is available to individuals who can prove that they are self-sufficient.

If you run your own business and are location independent, relocating to Georgia can be a good option and one that will present interesting opportunities.

Our Georgia immigration experts highlight the main requirements for the digital nomad visa in Georgia below.

If you have questions about eligibility and need a special assessment for your case, our team is ready to answer your questions.

Conditions for the digital nomad visa in Georgia

The digital nomad visa is designed for freelancers, business owners or full-time employees who do not need to be present in a physical office.

Some of the most important conditions are highlighted below by our team specializing in Georgia immigration:

  • applicants from 95 countries are eligible to apply for the digital nomad visa in Georgia;
  • the applicant, and therefore the visa holder, will need to remain in the country for 12 months;
  • the individual needs to be financially independent, and the minimum monthly income is approximately $2,000;
  • the foreigner who remains in the country with this visa will need to have health insurance valid for the entire duration of the stay in Georgia.

According to data provided by Georgian authorities, including the Tourism Board, the popularity of this type of visa was apparent in January 2021, almost 6 months after its launch (which was in August 2020):

  • at the beginning of 2021, more than 740 individuals had applied for this type of visa;
  • 58% of the applicants were self-employed;
  • 26% were employed full-time;
  • 16% of the applicants were entrepreneurs.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs who wish to apply for this visa in 2022 can reach out to our immigration specialists for details.

Application process

The documents required to apply for a digital nomad visa in Georgia include the following:

  1. The filled in visa application form;
  2. Passport copy; the travel document must be valid after the expiry date of the visa;
  3. Proof of business activity or employment (self-employment, employment contract with a foreign company and a letter of confirmation for remote work from the organization, etc.);
  4. Medical insurance: comprehensive international health insurance that offers full coverage both in Georgia and in the home country;
  5. Proof of income: the applicant must be able to show through a bank statement or pay slip that he or she satisfies the minimum monthly income requirements.

The foreign national will be subject to taxation in Georgia, for any income derived from the country.

This type of visa allows the holder to be joined by dependents, subject to conditions.

Assistance with visa applications

Our Georgia immigration specialists can help you if you are a freelancer who wishes to relocate to Georgia.

We provide guidance and advice throughout the pre-application phase for the digital nomad visa in Georgia and our local team is also able to answer your questions once you arrive in the country.

For some foreign nationals, obtaining a digital nomad visa can be the first step toward moving to Georgia permanently.

If this is your case, our team can help you with assistance for immigration, family reunification, as well as applying for citizenship.

We assist foreign nationals who wish to come to Georgia to work remotely, as well as those who are willing and able to start a business and benefit from the advantages of the residency by investment programme.

Contact us if you want to know more about the digital nomad visa in Georgia, as well as if you have any questions concerning relocation.