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Obtain Residency in Georgia

The Georgia permanent residence permit is obtained after having lawfully lived in the country for a number of years while holding a temporary residence permit. Foreign nationals who work or study in the country for some time, as well as those who are interested in family reunification, can apply for permanent residence once they complete the minimum period and when they also fulfill all of the other conditions.

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     Quick Facts 
      Temporary residence permit types

    – work residence permit,

    – study residence permit,

    – family reunification residence permit,

    – investment residence permit

    Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit (approx.)

    30 days

    Temporary residence permit validity

    – 6 years for the work, study, family reunification residence permit (they have an initial validity of 1 year and can be extended for up to 5)

    Documents for obtaining temporary residence

    – filled in application,

    – identification documents,

    – specific documents: employment agreement, proof of investment, proof of study acceptance, proof of family ties, etc.

    Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)


    Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 

    Yes, in some cases, for example in case of the investment residence permit

    Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes

    Yes – residence permit for indefinite stay for investments in real estate (subject to conditions)

    Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence6 years
    Documents for obtaining permanent residence

    – proof of lawful temporary residence,

    – proof of accommodation and sources of sufficient income,

    – other documents as needed

    Naturalization requirements

    – sufficient knowledge of the Georgian language,

    – knowledge of Georgian history and law, within the prescribed limits,

    – being employed, running a business, owning real estate or holding interest or shares in a Georgian company

    Citizenship after permanent residenceYes, after having resided lawfully for 10 years in the country

    Understanding the manner in which one can obtain residency in Georgia is important. Our team of agents who specialize in all issues related to immigration can provide complete details on how to apply for this type of residence and can guide foreign nationals throughout the process irrespective of their country of origin.

    Types of residence permits in Georgia

    There are several types of permits that allow foreign nationals to lawfully live in the country long-term. These are issued according to the purpose of the stay and individuals who wish to obtain residency in Georgia indefinitely can apply for this type of residence after they have stayed in the country for the past six years.

    It is important to note that Georgia permanent residence is awarded only after this time, a period during which the applicant must have stayed in the country based on a temporary residence permit that was renewed as indicated.

    A residence permit in Georgia can be issued for the following purposes:

    1. the labor residence permit: those who apply for a Georgia work visa can reside in the country during the validity of this permit; it is issued both for employment and for entrepreneurial activities;
    2. study residence permit: students admitted to a university or other educational institution in the country can reside temporarily based on this permit;
    3. family reunification permit: issued for temporary residence to a family member who is married to a Georgian resident or citizen or to other relatives;
    4. special Georgian residence permit: for victims of human trafficking as well as political persecution; this is issued under certain conditions and one of our Georgia immigration agents can provide more details;
    5. investment residence permit: issued to individuals and their families who have a minimum investment in property or otherwise, with a value of at least 300,000 USD (their equivalent in GEL);
    6. Georgia permanent residence permit: issued to an individual who has stayed in the country for six years using one of the temporary permits described above; most immigrants will be interested in this residence permit in Georgia.

    Other types of permits can also be issued, such as those for stateless persons. It is important to note that the conditions for obtaining these permits and, in time, obtaining residency in Georgia, differ from one case to another.

    Working with our team of agents from the beginning of your application can increase your chances of obtaining a temporary permit. After the due amount of time can help you apply for Georgia permanent residence according to all of the regulations in force.

    The permanent permit is also issued to the spouse, parent, or child of a Georgian citizen. Those who wish to know more about the residence permit in Georgia can reach out to our agents for more details.

    A foreign national is allowed to remain in Georgia for the prescribed term of the residence permit (his legal stay). In some cases, this may not be possible and there are certain situations in which the obligation to leave the country can be postponed:

    • when the individual has a special medical condition; in this case, the family members can also remain with him or her;
    • when the person is involved in a trial and is under hearing in the general court; in this case, remaining in the country is essential for his or her interests;
    • in case of a forceful stay imposed by a natural disaster, necessary repairs to the means of transport, traffic accident, transportation delays, other special cases when it is impossible to relocate in a regular manner;
    • based on a request issued by an authorized person from a Ministry or a state entity.

    The decision to postpone the obligation to leave the country is issued by the public service development agency within 3 calendar days. Individuals who remain in the country after the prescribed time are subject to a fine which can amount to 180 GEL or more if the period of unlawful stay is longer than three months.

    Georgia permanent residence

    How to apply for permanent residence in Georgia

    The Department of Public Registry of the Public Service Development Agency controls the electronic register of applications for a Georgian residence permit. The submission of the document for obtaining residence and, later on, Georgian citizenship is a streamlined process.

    Applicants who wish to obtain residency in Georgia based on their temporary residence permit that has been renewed for the last six years are required to submit the following:

    • travel document: the foreign national must provide a photocopy of his/her valid passport;
    • evidence for having lived in the country: any documents that prove that the applicant has been lawfully living in the country for the past six years; they can include the temporary residence permit and other such as proof of accommodation;
    • income statements: evidence of the lawfully earned income during the temporary residence; an employment contract or payment slips can be provided;
    • others: bank statements can also be offered as evidence and the applicant is also required to provide a recent photograph of a certain size.

    In most cases, the processing time for residence permits is 30 days after the receipt of a complete set of documents. Some applicants can benefit from an accelerated procedure, however, this is subject to certain conditions.

    One of our agents who specialize in Georgia permanent residence can provide more details on the application process for obtaining the residence permit in Georgia.

    We invite you to watch a video about the process of becoming a permanent resident in Georgia:

    Residency in Georgia for investors

    Foreign nationals who are able to make a minimum investment of USD 300,000 have access to a special residency by investment programme according to the Law in promotion and Guarantees of Investment.

    Investors who comply with the conditions can also bring their family members to Georgia once they secure the investment and, as a result, they obtain their own residence permit.

    The accepted family members include one’s spouse, underage dependents and/or fully dependent incapacitated persons.

    The investment residence permit which allows the holder to remain in the country long-term or indefinitely is different from the short-term residence permit for those who purchase immovable property with the market price of at least USD 100,000 (its equivalent in GEL at the time of the transaction).

    Different amounts for investment allow the entrepreneur to remain in the country for longer or shorter periods. It is worth noting the fact that larger investments in real estate (not including agricultural land) present a significant advantage, should this be the preferred method to apply for a residence permit in Georgia.

    Entrepreneurs who would rather open a business than buy property or real estate in the country can also benefit from the rules on residency for investment purposes. However, in this case, the conditions are the following:

    • the company needs to have an annual turnover of at least USD 50,000 in the first year;
    • the turnover needs to be USD 100,000 in the second year;
    • the company must present a turnover of USD 120,000 in the third, fourth and fifth years after the business owner received the residence permit.

    All the values presented above which are a prerequisite for obtaining a Georgian residence permit for business ownership are calculated as their equivalent in GEL at the relevant time.

    An important condition for those who purchase property rather than open a business is to remain the owners of the said property for 5 years after receiving the right to reside. This will ensure that the individual and his/her family will obtain and maintain Georgian permanent residence.

    Post-arrival steps when moving to Georgia

    Deciding on the type of investment or the employment opportunity one will seek in order to relocate to Georgia is an essential step.

    Foreign nationals who wish to remain in the country for long-term purposes will also need to be well aware of the steps that are required once they obtain the residence permit and enter the country.

    Obtaining and maintaining residency in Georgia is subject to a set of requirements. Among these, we can mention the one requiring the holder of the residence permit to apply for a residence card. This is done within one month from receiving the residence permit and the application is submitted with the public service development agency in the area in which the holder resides (the territorial office of the public service development agency).

    Applying for a residence card is essential as failure to do so within 6 months from receiving the residence permit in Georgia results in the termination of the awarded permit.

    Statistics for immigration in Georgia

    The data issued by the Migration Commission in Georgia shows that the country’s immigration profile is a dynamic one, with most of the immigrants coming from countries that border Georgia, most notably Russia and Turkey. Although the data is changing each year, our team of Georgia immigration agents presents a set of statistics for the year 2016 to highlight the number of individuals who have entered the country and stayed in the territory for at least 183 days (a prerequisite for immigration):

    • most of the foreign nationals entering the country were from Russia, 11,185 people out of which men were more numerous (6,262);
    • two other countries from which people came to Georgia were Turkey and Armenia, with 6,294 and 6,241 immigrants;
    • 7,979 foreign nationals came from other countries in 2016; for these people, applying for a Georgian residence permit was a step towards ensuring that they remain in the country for long-term purposes.

    Individuals who have already been staying in the country and comply with other requirements can begin to consider the process to obtain Georgian citizenship.

    Regardless of your country of origin, if you want to move to Georgia and obtain permanent residence, our team of immigration agents can assist you. We provide complete services for obtaining Georgia permanent residence as well as obtaining short-term permits, as needed. Contact us for more information about our services.