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Georgian citizenship by marriage

Georgian citizenship by marriage

Obtaining Georgian citizenship by marriage is possible when the individual who applies for citizenship has been lawfully and uninterruptedly living in the country for a minimum number of years. Moreover, the marriage needs to have taken place before the application and the individual also needs to observe other conditions. Some foreign nationals can be at an advantage for obtaining Georgian citizenship when they are already in a relationship with a citizen and are planning on getting married.

Please note that entering the country is subject to conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia and foreign nationals should be well aware of the applicable laws. Our team can provide details on entering the country when the marriage was performed in another jurisdiction.

Please read below about the general conditions for Georgian citizenship by marriage and reach out to our immigration specialists for detailed information on how to apply.

Our team is ready to answer questions regarding immigration and citizenship irrespective of your country of origin. We work closely with our clients and assist them during all of the application phases.

Conditions for acquiring Georgian citizenship by marriage

Foreign nationals who have already been living in the country with a valid residence permit in Georgia can be subject to a simplified citizenship procedure if, during their time in the country, they have entered into a relationship with a Georgian national and have become legally married.

The following are the basic requirements for the simplified procedure of obtaining Georgian citizenship by marriage:

  • Marriage: the applicant is married to a Georgian citizen and the marriage is valid according to law (i.e., the parties observe the minimum age for marriage);
  • Lawful residence: the applicant needs to have been legally and uninterruptedly resided in the country for 5 years before making the submission;
  • Language knowledge: the applicant needs to be able to show that he or she has satisfactory knowledge of the Georgian language;
  • Other conditions: in addition to language knowledge, basic knowledge of the Georgian law and history is required.

Please note that the procedure described above applies in the case of marriage to a Georgian national and it is considered the simplified procedure. Obtaining citizenship is also possible via the ordinary process for which a primary condition is to have lawfully resided in the country for 10 consecutive years before submitting the application. Our team can help with more information.

The dissolution of the marriage does not result in a change of citizenship for the foreign spouse. The change of citizenship of one spouse does not result in the change of citizenship o the other. Moreover, the dissolution of the marriage does not result in the change of citizenship of the children.

A Georgian citizen has the right to be treated equally before the law irrespective of any characteristics and is granted freedoms and rights under the law of Georgia and International law.

Citizenship is not granted under the simplified procedure for those individuals who have a repatriate status. In some cases, citizenship can be granted by way of exception, when that individual has made an exceptional contribution to Georgia.

If you would like to know more about the other route to Georgian citizenship, apart from the one available to those who marry a Georgian citizen, our team can answer your questions. We assist all those who are ready to apply for citizenship via the ordinary procedure, as well as those who are subject to special situations such as citizenship by descent or the restoration of citizenship.

Our team can also answer questions for applicants who are interested in a different residence permit in Georgia. For those who are not married to a Georgian national, remaining in the country is possible for work purposes, for study, or for investment. Each of these residency options has its own conditions and understanding these before the application is important. 

Marriage in Georgia

For foreign nationals interested in acquiring Georgian citizenship by marriage, the following general rules in respect to the recognition of the union apply:

  1. Application: this is a joint written application drawn up by the individuals who intend to get married;
  2. Documents: both parties need to provide valid identification documents to the authorities;
  3. Consent: only for marriages of persons aged 16 to 18, the birth certificate of the minor and a written consent from the parents;
  4. Others: for individuals who have been previously married, proof of the dissolution of the marriage.

Our team can give you more details about the laws in force and about the applications with the Public Service Development Agency.

Some of the fees that can be expected for marriage are the following:

  • 50 GEL for marriage registration at the Public Service Development Agency with a festive ceremony;
  • 150 GEL for marriage registration on weekends, at the wedding house, with a special festive ceremony;
  • 170 GEL for marriage registration outside the building of the Agency.

Please note that the fees presented above can be subject to change. Our team can provide more details on obtaining citizenship through marriage or other topics of interest such as applying for a residence permit in Georgia.

If you wish to know more about other means of acquiring residence, such as the route for Georgia residency by investment, you can reach out to our agents.

Contact us for complete assistance for immigration purposes.