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Obtain Georgian Citizenship

Obtain Georgian Citizenship

Foreign nationals who have been living lawfully in Georgia for a number of years can be granted Georgian citizenship, provided that they meet all the criteria in place for this status. Alternatively, individuals who are of Georgian descent, as well as those who were born in the country under certain conditions, may acquire citizenship.

 Quick Facts 
Minimum time in the country before applying for Georgian citizenship  10 years

Citizenship for investors 

Yes, under the residence permit for indefinite stay following investment. A separate citizenship application is required. 

Citizenship for children 

After 5 years, if refugee or stateless and born in Georgia 

Citizenship by descent Yes, our team in Georgia can give you details.
 Citizenship by adoption

Yes, if adopted by a Georgian citizen. 

Residence requirements for Georgian citizenship applications 

Lawfully resident for 10 years before application 

Minimum age for citizenship applications when you immigrate to Georgia 

18 years 

Citizenship for dependents who join the permit holder 


Citizenship for foreign nationals married to a Georgian citizen 

Under the simplified procedure, after residing uninterruptedly for 5 years 

Regaining citizenship 

– when terminated unlawfully,

– due to renunciation,

– when it was based on the parent’s decision 

Language knowledge for naturalization 


History/law knowledge for naturalization 

Yes, our immigration service team in Georgia can give you details.

Naturalization decision duration 

Approximately 3 months 

Loss of Georgian citizenship 

– when citizenship was acquired by presenting false documents,

– when joining the military/police/secret services of another country without permission from the Georgian authorities 

– other situations may also lead to the loss of citizenship

Dual citizenship allowed when you immigrate to Georgia Not usually, iy can be granted by the President in special cases 

Irrespective of the manner in which one wishes to apply for Georgian citizenship, it is advisable to seek specialized information and assistance if needed, particularly for those who fall under the categories that imply special conditions.

The application is submitted in person and our team of immigration specialists can help with complete information so that individuals who are interested in making this submission can present a complete file and increase their chances for obtaining the application approval. In this article, we highlight some of the main ways in which Georgian citizenship is determined. For personalized answers, please reach out to our agents.

Our team can also provide general information on the residence permit in Georgia.

What are the conditions for Georgian citizenship by birth?

This is available to the following individuals:

  • one of the parents was a Georgian citizen at the time of the applicant’s birth;
  • was born in Georgian through surrogacy if the country of citizenship of the parents does not recognize the individual as a citizen;
  • was born in Georgian to parents who had the status of a stateless person in Georgia at the time of the applicant’s birth;
  • was born in Georgia to a parent who at the time of birth has the status of a stateless person in Georgia and the status of the other parent was unknown.

According to the rules set forth by the State Commission on Migration Issues, the following categories of citizens are also Georgian citizens:

  • individuals born before 31 March 1975 who have resided in the country for at least five years and were in the country by 21 March 1993; moreover, they did not acquire citizenship in another country;
  • those born after 31 March 1975 who lived in the country by 31 March 1993 and have not acquired citizenship in another country;
  • individuals born in the country, who left Georgia after 21 December 1991, provided that they are not citizens of another country.

Our team specializing in Georgian citizenship can give you more details about each of these situations.

What are the conditions for acquiring citizenship via the ordinary procedure?

This is a common manner to become a Georgian citizen for many foreign nationals from other countries who have lived in Georgia for some time. The initial type of visa they may have applied for could have been for employment or investment purposes and it was renewed accordingly.

The following requirements are in place for obtaining Georgian citizenship under the ordinary procedure:

  • minimum residence: the individual must have Georgia permanent residence, meaning that he resided in the country for at least 10 consecutive years; if you need details on renewing the residence permit in Georgia, our team can assist;
  • language skills: he or she has adequate Georgian language skills, within certain limits;
  • basic knowledge: additional Georgian history and basic law principles are required when applying for citizenship;
  • means of living: the individual must show that he or she is employed, has opened a business, owns real estate, or holds interest or shares in a Georgian company.

A simplified procedure applies when the applicant has been married to a Georgian citizen and has been residing in the country uninterruptedly for 5 years prior to the application.

According to the United Nations, more than half of the immigrants in Georgia were born in Russia. Other official data, summarized in the 2019 Migration Profile highlight the following:

  • in 2018, 26% of the immigrants were Russian citizens;
  • 10% were Turkish nationals and 9% came from Azerbaijan;
  • 9% of the immigrants were from Iran and 7% from India.

How is Georgian citizenship granted by way of exception?

This is available to foreign citizens who have made an exceptional contribution to the country. The President may also grant citizenship by exception to a foreign national based on state interests (under certain conditions). The aforementioned conditions for having Georgian language, basic law, and history skills also apply for citizenship by way of exception.

Our team can give you more details on how citizenship can be acquired as well as how it may be restored to an individual. For example, Georgian citizenship may be restored to an individual whose citizenship was terminated unlawfully or when this took place based on the decision of his or her parents.

Applicants who are interested should note that the ordinary time for processing citizenship applications through naturalization is three months. Should the first application be rejected, a subsequent one can be made after one year.

Contact us for more information on obtaining Georgian citizenship.