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How to Move to Georgia

How to Move to Georgia

Georgia is a welcoming country for foreign nationals who plan to live here short or long-term. Tbilisi is a multicultural capital and the city of choice for many who relocate here, however, the country has much to offer in terms of economic opportunities for starting a business. Traveling visa-free is possible for certain citizens who may remain in the country for one year in most cases.

However, in order to move to Georgia country, foreigners will need to follow a set of procedures related to obtaining a residence permit that will allow them to remain in the country for longer periods.

Do I need a visa?

There are different types of visas that apply according to the purpose of your travel. However, broadly speaking, in order to move to Georgia country a foreign national will require a residence permit. This is the document that allows him/her to remain in the country for long-term purpose or for permanent relocation.

As far as visas are concerned, citizens of more than 90 countries are allowed to enter the country without a visa and remain here for a year. This can be attractive for those who wish to engage in remote work or as a  first step before they move permanently. Our team of Georgia immigration agents can give you the complete list of countries as intended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How can I get the residence permit?

Those who move to Georgia country need a residence permit. This is the document that allows their lawful stay during its validity. Our team can help you apply for this permit according to the purpose of your stay:

  1. Work: for individuals who have signed an employment agreement with a Georgian employer or those who will engage in freelance work in the country;
  2. Study: for students admitted to a Georgian university or other recognized educational institute;
  3. Investment: foreign nationals who can male a 300.000 USD investment (the equivalent in GEL) can obtain Georgia residency by investment;
  4. Others: special residence permits can be awarded for victims of human trafficking; family reunification residence permits are also issued for the foreign national who is a spouse, child or other relatives of a Georgian citizen or of a foreign national who has a residence permit.

Our team can give you more details about the conditions for each of these permits. One should note that having one type of permit does not condition obtaining another one, for example, having the student permit and then the work permit.

One should note that exceeding the period of legal stay, whether the one stated on the visa or residence permit or the one-year period permitted without a visa is subject to penalties:

  • 180 GEL of the person has remained in the country for up to three months;
  • 360 GEL if the foreign national has exceeded the legal stay by more than three months; and
  • 100 GEL for foreign nationals who do not observe the transit rules.

Special conditions apply for each of these permits, especially for those related to investment (because there are several categories of possible investments). Our team is ready to answer any questions and guide you through the process if you wish to move to Georgia country and need to apply for a permit.

It is also useful to note that an important condition is to apply for a residence card within one month after receiving the residence permit. Failure to do so results in the termination of the issued residence permit.

What do I need to do after I arrive in Georgia?

Foreign nationals who move to Georgia country will need to take the time to adjust to the country’s culture and customs. However hospitable and straightforward in terms of relocation, moving to a new country does come with a set of steps and perhaps even challenges. This is why working with a team of relocation experts is advisable: you can rest assured that our immigration experts will help you handle all the essential matters, both pre-and post-arrival.

Some examples of the issues with which our team can help you include: applying for the needed permits, taking up health insurance, renting or purchasing property – especially for those interested in making investments for relocation purposes, signing different utility agreements as well as handling other official matters, especially if you have yet to learn Georgian.

The goal of many foreign nationals who move to Georgia country is to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Georgia. Most people are able to apply for citizenship within five years of lawfully and uninterruptedly residing in the country. The process can be shorter under the simplified procedure, only two years for those who gave married a Georgian citizen and have lived in the country uninterruptedly during these two years.

Contact us if you need more details on how to move to Georgia.