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Immigrate to Georgia from Lebanon

Immigrate to Georgia from Lebanon

Citizens of Lebanon are permitted to enter Georgia without a visa and remain in the country for one year, unless otherwise provided. However, those who wish to immigrate to Georgia from Lebanon will need to obtain a permit that allows them to stay in the country for more than one year. This is an essential step and you can read below more about the conditions.

Types of Georgian visas and residence permits

There are several types of visas available to foreign nationals who wish to enter Georgia, however, for the purpose of immigration, the one that is taken into consideration is the type D visa, the immigration visa. In this category, there are five sub-types of visas according to the purpose of the stay. Our Georgia immigration agents list these below:

  • D1: the visa issues to Lebanon nationals interested in taking up work in Georgia issued both for employees and for entrepreneurs; this is a common way in which one chooses to relocate to Georgia from Lebanon;
  • D2: for educational, sport, scientific or cultural activities as well as for freelancers or those who will engage in volunteer work;
  • D3: the study visa, also issued for those who will engage in research activities with educational institutions in the country;
  • D4: the family reunification visa, available for those who have a family member who resides in the country; you will need to bring proof of the relationship if you wish to move to Georgia from Lebanon in this manner;
  • D5: the investment visa for those who are able to purchase real estate with a minimum value.

The process to immigrate to Georgia from Lebanon can take place under any one of these routes described above. It is important to note that the issued D5 visa is subject to an extension. The D5 visa categories are largely the same ones as those for residence permits with the same purpose of stay (for example, the residence permit for family reunification or the work residence permit).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the one to receive the visa application documents from those who wish to relocate to Georgia from Lebanon.  The residence permit is applied for to any territorial office of the Public Service Development Agency.

Our team specializing in Georgia immigration can help you with additional information about the long-term visas and the Georgia permanent residence permits that allow foreign nationals, including ones from Lebanon, to remain in Georgia for longer periods for the ultimate purpose of immigration.

We list below a number of key issues to take into consideration for Georgia residency by investment:

  • 300,000 USD (the equivalent in GEL) is the minimum investment for those targeting long-term residence under an investment in the country (applicable to business investment or immovable property investment when the applicant has an ownership right on the property for at least 5 years after receiving the permit);
  • 50,000 USD is the minimum turnover for the investment during the first year and 100,000 USD (all sums in their GEL equivalent) for the second year;
  • 120,000 USD, equivalent in GEL, annual turnover for the third, fourth and fifth year.

Acquiring Georgian citizenship

Lebanon nationals who come to the country with the purpose of remaining indefinitely in the country will be interested in acquiring citizenship after a number of years. This step can be of great importance for those who decide to move to Georgia from Lebanon.

Our team can help you if you are ready to obtain Georgian citizenship and will help you prepare the application as well as follow all the steps required by the authorities for this process.

The ordinary citizenship procedure, available to those interested in immigration to Georgia from Lebanon, is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Minimum stay: the applicant must have resided in the country lawfully for at least 10 years;
  2. Language knowledge: the Lebanon national must show that he or she has satisfactory knowledge of the language of Georgia;
  3. Work/ownership: the applicant must be either employed in Georgia, own a business or own property in the country;
  4. Others: the Lebanon national applying for citizenship must also be able to show satisfactory levels of Georgian history and basic law knowledge.

A simplified procedure applies when a Lebanon national is married to a Georgian citizen and the applicant has been in the country (lawfully and uninterruptedly) for the past 5 years prior to the application.

Assistance for immigration to Georgia from Lebanon

Our team of agents who specialize in Georgia immigration can help Lebanese applicants submit the required documents. We can guide you on preparing the needed proof of investment (when applicable) as well as submit the other documents relevant for the type of residence permit or long-term visa you are applying for (such as the University acceptance letter, the employment contract, or proof of family relations for the purpose of reunification).

Contact us for more information on immigration to Georgia from Lebanon. Our team can answer any questions and assist you throughout the process.