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Relocate from UK to Georgia

Relocate from UK to Georgia

UK nationals can enter Georgia for up to one year with no need to apply for a visa. Nevertheless, those who wish to relocate from UK to Georgia will need to apply for an immigration visa and obtain a residence permit in Georgia, the document that will allow them to stay in the country long-term. The requirements for applying for a Georgia work visa can differ according to the type of activity. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Georgia.

UK nationals who arrive in the country for diplomatic posting will need an adequate type of visa and will need to receive accreditation. Staying in the country is subject to a number of conditions and understanding these is always helpful before arrival.

Please keep in mind that this is only a short guide for British nationals willing to relocate to Georgia from UK. for more detailed information, as well as personalized assistance for your move, please reach out to our Georgia immigration agents.

Main categories of Georgian visas

UK citizens are allowed to travel visa-free to Georgia and remain in the country for no longer than one year. However, this does not grant them the right to work or to start an entrepreneurial activity.

Foreigners can be granted single or multiple entry visas as well as short and long-term ones. For the purpose of Georgia permanent residence, we will present the categories of visas that are relevant for immigration purposes:

  • Work: the D1 visa for foreign nationals will have signed an employment agreement with a Georgian company as well as those who will engage in entrepreneurial activities, according to law; this is one of the main ways to move to Georgia from UK;
  • Other activities: the D2 visa for those who will engage in scientific, educational or cultural activities, as well as press workers who come to the country to carry out their profession;
  • Study: the D3 visa for students or for researches who have been admitted to an authorized educational institution;
  • Family: the D4 visa for family reunification purposes; our team can provide more details about the specific conditions if you wish to relocate to Georgia from UK in this manner.

A special investment visa programme is available to foreign nationals and it can be the manner in which those to wish to immigrate to Georgia from UK can do so together with their family members. Our team of Georgia immigration agents can provide more details.

The following categories of visas are also available to foreign nationals:

  1. Diplomatic visa: for top officials and executive authorities and their accompanying family members who arrive in the country on official, state, business or unofficial visits;
  2. Special visa: for members of foreign delegations, the administrative or technical personnel of such delegations or missions as well as persons arriving for different missions in the national interest of Georgia;
  3. Ordinary: this is the visa for tourists (from countries that are not subject to the visa-free entry), for those who visit their relatives or friends as well as those who come to the country for workshops and other purposes (often short-term events);
  4. Transit visa: as the name suggests, used by foreign nationals who are only transiting the country en route to a third country; it has a maximum validity of 10 days.

The Embassy of Georgia in London issues these visas. Our Georgia permanent residence agents can offer you more details about the documents that are required upon submitting your visa application. One should take note that the mandatory documents will differ according to the purpose of stay.

The temporary or permanent residence permit, the document that attests to an individual’s right to enter and stay in the country during its validity, is issued by the Public Service Development Agency, of the Ministry of Justice.

It is important to note that applying for a residence card after a permit is obtained is mandatory and failure to do so can result in the termination of the residence permit in Georgia.

UK nationals who wish to immigrate to Georgia from UK can also receive more information on the application process for Georgian citizenship from our team.

Information about Georgia

Georgia is a country with a strategic location between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It welcomes foreign nationals as well as international investors and the business climate is one based on a simplified procedure for opening and running a business. Tourism is an important economic pillar and the country has much to offer, a trend that is highlighted in the recent increase in the number of international visitors, with 6.3 million foreigners crossing the country’s borders in 2016.

Our Georgia immigration team lists some of the key facts about the country below:

  • Area: 69,700 square kilometers;
  • Coastline: 315 km;
  • Population: 3,720,400 on January 1st 2016;
  • Population living in Tbilisi: 1,113,000.

If you would like to know more about life in Georgia and the main conditions for relocation, please contact our team specializing in Georgian citizenship. We offer complete services to foreign nationals who are interested in relocating to the country and are able to help you if you need to know more about how to immigrate to Georgia from UK.

Our team can provide you with detailed information about Georgian citizenship even if you are not a UK citizen who wishes to remain in the country. regardless of your nationality, you will need to meet a set of clear requirements for a minimum and uninterrupted stay in the country (ten years for the ordinary procedure and five years for the simplified one). Our team can give you details.