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Relocate from USA to Georgia

Relocate from USA to Georgia

Georgia is a strategically located country, at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. foreign investment is encouraged here and it can be a suitable country for an investor to relocate from USA to Georgia. Alternatively, United States nationals can find different other employment opportunities or be subject to international corporate relocations.

Irrespective of the motives for Georgia immigration, this article highlights the main issues to take into consideration when making this important step. Americans who are interested in more detailed information about how to move to Georgia from USA, as well as personalized assistance for residence permit application, can reach out to our agents. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Georgia.

Types of immigration visas in Georgia

USA nationals should know that they may travel visa-free to Georgia and remain in the country without a visa for one year. However, for long-term stays, they will be required to follow the residency procedures.

There are several types of visas available to foreign nationals who are interested in staying in the country and those who wish to immigrate to Georgia from USA. Broadly, they can be categorized into long-term and short-term as well as single or multiple entry ones. The categories are diplomatic visa, special visa, ordinary visa, transit visa, and immigration visa. For the purpose of relocation from USA to Georgia, and obtaining Georgia permanent residence, we will list only the sub-categories for the final type of visa, the immigration one:

  • D1: suitable for USA nationals who arrive in the country for employment purposes; it is also issued to company representatives who are assigned business activities/official duties in the country; it is also the visa issued to entrepreneurs and it can be used to move to Georgia from USA;
  • D2: the visa for scientists, athletes, freelancers, interns and volunteers from the United States; it is also issued for those who will engage in cultural or educational activities;
  • D3: the visa for study purposes, for USA nationals who have been admitted at a University;
  • D4: the family reunification visa, for foreign nationals who have a family member who is a Georgian resident;
  • D5: the visa for investment purposes, for USA nationals who are able to make a minimum real estate investment in the country; it can be suitable for those who wish to relocate to Georgia from USA if they are able to meet the minimum investment requirements.

One of our agents who specialize in how to immigrate to Georgia can provide you with more details about the conditions set forth by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can offer you complete details about any of the types of immigration visas described above. Likewise, we can also offer assistance to United States citizens who are interested in other categories of visas, such as the diplomatic one or the special visa (for members of foreign delegations and the administrative, technical, and service personnel for these delegations).

Conditions for obtaining Georgia citizenship

Once a foreign national has lived in the country based on a residence permit long enough, he or she may apply for citizenship. This can be the main goal for those who decide to immigrate to Georgia from USA. Obtaining this status is subject to a set of conditions and it is important to acknowledge these before attempting to lodge the application. United States nationals can benefit from a simplified procedure if they marry a Georgian citizen (and if they comply with the other requirements for language and law knowledge).

Our team of agents describes the main conditions for obtaining Georgia citizenship below:

  • minimum residence: the applicant needs to have resided in the country for at least five uninterrupted years before submitting the application;
  • language knowledge: an important requirement is to know the Georgia language at a satisfactory level (this is a pre-defined level and the applicant will be subject to an examination);
  • employment: the applicant must bring forward proof of employment or of entrepreneurship or investment;
  • others: another test is required, one that will verify the applicant’s knowledge of basic law and history.

Special categories of applicants, such as refugees or persons with disabilities, are not subject to all of these requirements and we can give these individuals more details if they wish to relocate to Georgia from USA.

Americans living in Georgia

While USA nationals are not as numerous as other foreigners who choose to relocate to Georgia, like Russians, for example, our team of Georgia immigration agents, as per the migration profile issued by Geostat, presents their numbers below:

  • in 2015 there were 1,081 USA foreign nationals in Georgia;
  • by 2016, their number increased ever so slightly to 1,101;
  • out of the total in 2016, 628 were men and 473 women.

According to the same source, the total number of immigrants (all countries of origin combined) was 90,228 in 2016.

Residency in Georgia is possible for a number of reasons, as you have read in this article. However, a foreign national who is awarded residency is also asked to apply for a residence card. This is a separate step that takes place in Georgia, within one month of receiving the residence permit. The application can be submitted to regional authorities with the help of our team.

Are you looking for more information about relocating to Georgia from the United States? Please contact our team of agents who specialize in Georgia permanent residence for more details and personalized assistance.

We also assist citizens of other countries who wish to apply for citizenship in Georgia. If you have been living in the country for ten years, uninterruptedly, or if you will soon meet this minimum period requirement, you can start discussing the application requirements with our team. We provide personalized solutions and we also assist those who apply under the simplified procedure.