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Relocate to Georgia

Relocate to Georgia

Individuals may wish to relocate to Georgia for a number of reasons, starting with employment or business opportunities and even to reunite with a family member of a spouse. Different categories of visas allow for a permanent or temporary relocation and, for many individuals who decide to move to Georgia, gaining citizenship can be the motive for the relocation.

In this article, our team of agents who specialize in Georgia immigration matters highlight the main aspects to consider when one is interested in relocation. In order to move to Georgia several steps are mandatory, including obtaining a residence permit in Georgia, and our team can help you during the entire process, so that your application for relocation may receive a favorable review.

Staying in Georgia visa-free and types of visas

Foreign nationals of certain countries can enter Georgia visa-free and remain in the country for one year. Examples of such countries include the United States of America, New Zealand, Austria, Albania, Belgium, Belize, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Russia, Norway, Poland, Singapore, and others. Nevertheless, those who wish to relocate to Georgia will often do so for a period longer than the permitted visa-free year. In this case, the following types of immigration visas are available and can be renewed according to the purpose of the stay:

  1. D1: issued for contracted work as well as those who will be involved in entrepreneurship;
  2. D2: scientists, athletes, those who will engage in cultural or educational activities, foreign press workers, interns or volunteers as well as freelancers who move to Georgia;
  3. D3: the study visa, issued to those who have been admitted to an authorized educational institution, for example, the Tbilisi State Medical University or an international educational programme;
  4. D4: this is the visa applied for by those who are interested in family reunification;
  5. D5: the investor visa, issued for those who have purchased property other than agricultural land that exceeds a certain market value.

Foreign nationals who relocate to Georgia based on these types of visas, namely reasons for the prolonged stay, will apply for the residence permit in Georgia that suits the purpose (for example the residence permit for family reunification, the study, or the work residence permit).

Interested individuals should note that the type D immigration visa is the one applies for by those who move to Georgia. The other types of available visas, such as the T- transit, C- ordinary, B – special, or D-diplomatic serve various purposes, however, are destined for short-term purposes and not for relocation, as one may be interested when moving to the country based on an employment opportunity or for entrepreneurship purposes. Our team of immigration agents can answer any questions related to the types of existing visas.

Obtaining citizenship as part of the process to relocate to Georgia

It is natural for foreign nationals who have relocated to the country to apply for Georgian citizenship once they have lived in the country for a number of reasons.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled by those applying for citizen status:

  • Lawful resident: the applicant needs to have lived in the country for 10 consecutive years;
  • Language: one needs to prove proper knowledge of the Georgian language for citizenship purposes;
  • Culture: in addition to language, the applicant needs to show that he/she knows the basic Georgian law principles as well as history;
  • Job or business: the applicant needs to be employed, have a business, or own real estate in the country.

A simplified Georgian citizenship application procedure takes place when the applicant is married to a Georgian citizen and has been legally residing in the country for an uninterrupted period of 5 years at the date of the application.

According to a report issued by the Migration Commission in Georgia, there were 92,557 immigrants in the country in 2015. Other data highlights the following:

  • in 2016 the number of immigrants was slightly lower, 90,228;
  • 11,185 Russian citizens immigrated to Georgia in 2016;
  • the second largest population of immigrants was among Turkish nationals, at 6,294 in 2016;
  • the total number of immigrants in 2016 also included 6,241 foreign nationals from Armenia as well as 1,101 from the United States and 873 from China; a large number of immigrants was from other countries (7,979).

For the purpose of the statistics presented above, an immigrant is an individual who has lived abroad for 12 months (irrespective of citizenship).

Contact our immigration experts if you wish to relocate to Georgia and are interested in knowing more about the procedure. We can help you with information about individual relocation as well as business relocation to Georgia.